The management of Onico S.A. informs that in accordance with the Resolution No. 7/06/2018 of the Ordinary General Meeting of 28.06.2018:

  1. the amount of the dividend for 2017 is 4,452,156 PLN (four million four hundred fifty two thousand one hundred fifty six)
  2. the value of the dividend for 2017 per share is 3 PLN (three);
  3. the number of shares covered by the dividend is 1,484,052 (one million four hundred and eighty-four thousand and fifty-two) shares;
  4. day of the dividend was set on September 14, 2018,
  5. the dividend payment date was set on October 5, 2018.

Legal basis:

Marek Stanio

Chairman of the Board

Artur Krzyk

Vice-President of the Management Board for Trade